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Did Presidential Jet Prevent Faulty Dana Plane From Landing Before Crash? hmmmm!

I can’t say for sure if this story is true, but I’m personally left with loads of questions after reading it.

The article you are about to read was published on
I just received this –

“Is there any way of getting confirmation about news I’m just getting that the Dana plane was distressed for a while but could not make an emergency landing because the airspace was closed for 2 hours for  the Presidential Jet carrying Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan.

Private jet owners who had to hover in the air same time leaked this. This was apparently the reason local news didn’t report the crash for so long till CNN and foreign news stations started reporting it.

Local news was ‘blacked out’ trying to kill the story of the airspace being closed while a distressed plane couldn’t land.

It would be shocking if so. Though there was engine failure there was still time for the plane to have landed apparently.

You do know anyway that the airspace is closed for up to 2hours each time the Presidential Jet needs to go into the air? 2 hours for a 15minute take off or landing!

And this jet is used by President, VP, President’s wife and if I recall David Mark.

It’s almost a daily occurrence I’ve been told by airline staff when it caught me out on a trip

The truth remains that the President’s wife was actually in Lagos to attend the christening of their personal assistant’s child at the Oriental hotel.. Lekki. Anyone living on the Lekki axis saw first hand the horrendous traffic caused by the president’s wife’s visit..and confirmed reports from airport staff who volunteered information, collaborated this fact, that the Lagos airport was actually shut for 2 hours, about the same time the ill fated Dana Plane crashed. This also strongly explains the reason why Aero contractor airplane could not depart Abuja for Lagos at 3:40pm because of the closure of the Lagos airport. This is criminal and one can only imagine the deep sorrow ad-in-finitum (without limit) that the families of these unfortunate Nigerians and other nationals are currently plagued into. Grief that is so thick in the air, that one can cut through with a knife…rooted soul searching. Yes we have to and yes we can; beginning from our immediate homes and while we pray for the repose of the souls of the departed, we need as a nation to thoroughly do some deep ommunities.. with time this will snowball into our National consciousness. For how long are we going to sacrifice the lives of our dear brothers and sisters and by extension mortgage the future of their/our children, just for the comfort of our leaders? For a 15 minutes ritual of plane take-off, an airport was shut for 2 hours because our “DEAR FIRST LADY” was scheduled to return to Abuja.. OH merciful God, help Nigeria in Distress!’

Nigerians need to know what happened?who closed the airstrip for two hours on Sunday June 3,2012????

These and many other questions should be answered by the ongoing investigation if we ever get a wind of it. A colleague who lives in Iju actually confirmed that the aircraft hovered around for about 40 minutes from his own calculations, another friend of mine who was billed to travel out of Lagos on Sunday with  Arik Air says their flight was delayed for 1 hour, before they witnessed the ill-fated crash that killed 153 passengers and over 10 others in the densely populated Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos.

The question still remains, Why???

So far NEMA has reported that about 150 bodies have been recovered as at Tuesday, and bereaved families are at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital to identify the corpses.


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