Al-Qaida claims it Kidnapped German from Nigeria!

Nigeria in recent times has had to fight terrorist activities and only days ago an abduction and subsequent killing of a Briton and Italian by the radical Islamic sect, Boko Haram who not only claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the foreigners, but allegedly

The 12 Nigerian states with Sharia law

The 12 Nigerian states with Sharia law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

killed them when attempts were made to rescue them.

There has been wide spread belief that the group is getting assistance from foreign terrorist groups like the Al-Qaida group, in the Islamic Maghreb, (AQIM), and these claims have been corroborated by international security chiefs and agencies.

Only today, a Mauritanian news portal; Nouakchott Information Agency website, a medium which has always been used by Al-Qaida to send messages and publish press releases, published a statement that an Al-Qaeda group based in North Africa has declared that it is holding a German citizen captive after abducting him in Nigeria.

The statement published on Wednesday March 21, by the AQIM is demanding that German authorities release Oum Seif Allah Al Ansari, who the terror group said was being subjected to inhumane treatment in a German prison.

The German man, Edgar Fritz Raupach, an engineer was allegedly kidnapped in Kano state, in January and his abduction is believed to be the first time the terror group has kidnapped a foreigner in Nigeria.

Security in Nigeria has been under seige in recent times and kidnapping is not strange to citizens and foreigners living and working in the country. This is the first time an international group is openly claiming responsibility for any terrorist activity but my question is, how did they penetrate the shores of the country despite the assurances given by Nigerian security agencies that they are doing a lot to curb terrorist activities?



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