Police foil attempted suicide attack in Kaduna

Nigerian Mobile Police with Vehicle

Officers of the Nigerian Police on Monday foiled a suicide bomb attacker who tried to run a car packed with explosives through the gates of the Kaduna State government house, a government official revealed to newsmen.

Spokesperson for the Kaduna State governor, Mr Reuben Buhari told journalists thatt he bomber who tried to escape after the foiled attempt was shot in the legs, and is currently being given medical treatment in pilce custody.

A soldier who witnessed the attempted strike, asking not to be named, told Reuters that the driver of the car was a government worker.

Members of the radical Islamic sect have attacked and killed over 250 Nigerians in the last year with bombings and rampant shootings across Nigeria’s northern region.Police officers, secrity agencies and people in place of authority have been the focus of the recent spate of attacks.



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